Reference Group

VESV and its partners have been working to develop a business model for the cost effective and safe collection and processing of fecal sludge (FS) from pit latrines. The overall aim is to produce safe, high quality fertilizer that is useful for farmers.

In order to benefit from the guidance and inputs of a panel of sanitation experts for this research, a Reference Group has been formed from a wide variety of sector actors who are relevant, active and have willingness and expertise in dealing with issues related to FS composting and its use in agriculture in Bangladesh.

The Reference Group comprises of representatives from the Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE); WaterAid Bangladesh; Practical Action; Bangladesh Association for Social Advancement (BASA); Grameen Shakti; Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET); and NGO Forum for Public Health. The Reference Group has been meeting regularly with a view to reviewing the research methodologies and protocols, results and reports. It also provides suggestions and guidance on how the research can be conducted in the best way possible.

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